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Laventure Excavation’s industry-leading expertise includes residential, commercial and industrial excavation.



Residential, Commercial and Industrial Excavation


We are equipped to handle projects of any scope, from small excavations for home extensions to complete site preparation for large commercial developments.


Since 1971


Laventure Excavation has forged a reputation as the premier excavation and site development contractor in the Saint-Lazare, Hudson and Vaudreuil areas. We have helped to build the infrastructure for some of the region’s most highly-valued community developments, including Chanterel, Saddlebrook, Cedarbrook and Alstonvale.


We pride ourselves on the range of our expertise, the professionalism of our people and our commitment to delivering work of unsurpassed quality and cost-efficiency.


Permits, Licences and Certifications


Laventure Excavation is fully licensed by the RBQ (RBQ number 2548-0757-31).

We are authorized to perform construction work in a wide range of areas, including:


Licence subclasses in the general contractor’s and the general owner-builder’s licence classes

 1.4Roads and mains, including public thorough-fares, sewers, water mains, pipelines


Licence subclasses in the specialized contractor’s and the specialized owner-builder’s licence classes

 2.2Non-drilled water collection structures, such as shallow wells and springwater collection, and similar or related construction work.

 2.4Private sewerage systems


Licence subclasses in the specialized contractor’s licence class

 2.5Excavation and earthwork



Laventure Excavation is also a member of the APCHQ (Association provinciale des constructeurs d’habitations du Québec) and participates in APCHQ’s New Home Guarantee Plan.


Laventure Excavation is a trained and certified installer of BIONEST™ advanced wastewater treatment systems.

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