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Septic Systems

Laventure Excavation specializes in the setup and installation of most provincially-approved septic systems.
Our work adheres to the highest environmental standards.


Primary Treatment Systems


The primary treatment systems we install include:
» Inground (standard septic system)
» Aboveground (used in wet or otherwise problematic areas)


Secondary Treatment Systems

We also install secondary treatment systems, including UV systems for additional wastewater treatment, and Bionest™ . systems.


Bionest designs state-of-the art treatment systems that help combat cyanobacteria and produce effluent certified to meet swimming pool standards. Laventure Inc. has been trained and certified in the installation of Bionest™ .



Required Soil Test


Please note: Most municipalities require a soil test and an approved copy of the home you plan to build in order to recommend the appropriate septic system.


Contact us for information and a free estimate.

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