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Since 1971, Laventure Excavation has forged a reputation as the premier excavation and site development contractor in the Saint-Lazare, Hudson and Vaudreuil areas.


Laventure Excavation’s industry-leading expertise includes residential, commercial and industrial excavation.


We are equipped to handle projects of any scope, from small excavations for home extensions to complete site preparation for large commercial developments.


Equipment Rental

Laventure Excavation provides equipment rental to contractors in the region.

The cost of excavation equipment rental, which includes licensed operators, is
calculated on an hourly basis.

Our equipment includes:
» Dump trucks
» Bulldozers
» Shovels

Utility Line Infrastructure

Increasingly, residential, commercial and industrial property owners are choosing to bury all utility lines, at once protecting them from the elements and enhancing the visual landscape.


Our excavation experience extends to preparing sites for the underground installation
of hydro, telecom and cable lines.


Road Building

Laventure Excavation has constructed public and private roads in many of Hudson's and Saint-Lazare’s premier neighbourhoods, including Chanterel, Cedarbrook, Saddlebrook and Alstonvale.

Septic Systems

Laventure Excavation specializes in the setup and installation of most provincially-approved septic systems. Our work adheres to the highest environmental standards.


The primary treatment systems we install include:
» Inground (standard septic system)
» Aboveground (used in wet or otherwise problematic areas)


We also install secondary treatment systems, including UV systems for additional wastewater treatment, and Bionest™ systems.


Laventure Inc. offers quality topsoil, gravel and sand at competitive prices.


We screen our own topsoil onsite and can tailor the final product to meet client requirements.


We recycle excavation materiel to be used as backfill. 

Municipal Water and Sewer

Laventure Excavation has performed municipal water and sewer installation in a variety
of communities in the Hudson/Saint-Lazare area, including Chanterel, Cedarbrook, Saddlebrook and Alstonvale.


We are also equipped to connect residential buildings to municipal sewer systems.
Feel free to contact us for more information and a free estimate.



Over the past three decades, Laventure Inc. has participated in the creation of three exceptional Saint-Lazare communities: Saddlebrook, Cedarbrook and Chanterel. Working in partnership with a number of developers, including Aloes Investments, Mimaso Development, Lorraine-Baron Development, Cavelier Development and Cavagnal Development, we have made it our priority to help build neighbourhoods that exemplify the best of country living.



Contact us for information and a free estimate.

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